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From Sho Fukamachi <>
Subject Re: windows build?
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2008 06:11:50 GMT

On 15/08/2008, at 2:21 PM, Dean Landolt wrote:
> Speaking as a developer that can't get a *nix box stood up at my  
> company if
> my life (or project) depended on it, I'd say the population is  
> certainly
> greater than zero. Of course, as an Ubuntu user and all around FOSS- 
> lover,
> I'm not for lack of a couch sandbox -- but as far as developing  
> something
> for the 9-5, couch is totally off limits without a windows build.

I stand corrected. I won't bother asking why open source application  
software is apparently A-OK but an OS is verboten .. think I can guess  
the answer : (

> That said, I totally agree with the below sentiment. Couch is still  
> in alpha
> -- as long as nothing's done to permanently preclude a multi- 
> platform build
> down the road, there's not much sense in gumming up the works during  
> heavy
> development. Sure, couch is *server* software, but as we move on  
> down the
> road to a more distributed net, localhost will likely be the server of
> choice for more than a few -- look at what ajatus is doing without  
> even a
> whiff of a server-side. Once a 1.0 hits, with a Windows build Couch  
> will be
> one hell of an embed option for desktop developers.
>> I was more referring to the next phase, when somebody would actually
>>> decide to use CouchDB.
>>> In that case i would try to rely on software stacks in their  
>>> 'native'
>>> habitat. But that's just my preference.
>> Geeze, I can *kind of* understand someone wanting to use Windows for
>> development if they absolutely have to have DreamWeaver or  
>> something, but on
>> a server?! Of course you are right that people should run server  
>> software,
>> on servers, in their "native" environment. One doesn't use WINE to  
>> run IIS
>> on Linux, one should not use cygwin or whatever to run Erlang/ 
>> CouchDB on
>> Windows.
>> If you couldn't escape Windows on the server for some unbelievably  
>> good
>> reason (like the aliens are threatening to blow up the world if you  
>> don't),
>> then it would probably be easier/preferable to run it in Linux  
>> under VMWare
>> anyway.

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