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From Troy Kruthoff <>
Subject Re: CouchDB/Memcached
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2008 16:36:14 GMT

We are still hacking through this, but I plan to post our code either  
on a blog or the couchdb wiki once we get it smoothed out a little.   
What we have done is abstracted the REST API in our application via an  
object we call "database".  So in our code (we use Ruby) we use:

database.get('id') or database.get(['id1','id2','id3',...])

where database.get:

1) looks up each id in an in-memory hash table
2) queries memcache for all id's not found in hash (memcache can use  
multi-get here) (adds results to hash)
3) queries couch for all id's not found in memcache (adds results to  
memcache and hash)

and of course put,post and delete are abstracted as well to update/ 
delete the hash and memcached.

We also use a memory session concept for all updates/writes.  So when  
we create or edit a document and save it, we store the document in the  
hash (generating the in the application for new docs) and mark  
it as dirty.  Then the app calls database.commit which uses the couch  
bulk_docs api to commit the changes to couch.

We have discussed internally, implementing the above in C as an open  
source "couch driver" with Ruby, Python and PHP language bindings.

-- troy

On Jul 21, 2008, at 6:08 AM, Bradford Winfrey wrote:

> Now that it's been mentioned a few times - does anyone have
> any hints/tips for working out memcached with couchdb?  I think a
> gentleman named Troy said that's how he was getting around this  
> problem
> in emails prior to this discussion - maybe we should branch this to a
> new thread?
> *I sense a wiki page being authored*

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