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From Brad Schick <>
Subject Re: Modifying fields
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:57:33 GMT

On 06/13/2008 01:53 AM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>>>> Follow up questions on this: Does CouchDB internally track and
>>>> reference
>>>> individual fields? Or is the json for each document basically a
>>>> blob to
>>>> everything except View code?
>>> Documents are stored into native Erlang types representing each
>>> document. Except for the view server, no-one cares about what
>>> a document look like.
>> So the DB just treats each document like a string I assume? I was hoping
>> it actually understood the fields. If it doesn't know about fields, then
>> I understand that it might not be that much more efficient doing things
>> on the server.
>> But I'm curious; if the Erlang code doesn't look inside documents why do
>> I get errors if I pass just a json array as the body of a document? It
>> seems to require a json object with named pairs.
> No no, CouchDB definitely looks at the JSON structure.

Thanks for the continued feedback. So is CouchDB internally able to
modify individual fields within a document? Or even if it can not do so
yet, would it be practical to add later?

It makes sense for this to not be a priority now, I'm just wondering if
this somehow fundamental contradicts CouchDB's design.


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