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From "Ryszard Szopa" <>
Subject view-server through a socket (feature request)
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 21:55:05 GMT

I am writing a Common Lisp view-server for CouchDB. It is nearly ready
(there are some Unicode annoyances, of which I wrote in a different
e-mail), so I should be able to open source it in a couple of days.
However, the configuration options for view servers aren't really Lisp
friendly. A Common Lisp compiler is usually rather heavy. You are not
supposed to start it every now and then, which makes standard input
and output a rather lousy way of communicating with a Lisp image. A
lot better is to make the Lisp image listen on a socket.

Right now I write "common-lisp=/usr/bin/socat - TCP4:localhost:5477"
in couchdb.ini. This works fine, but I know that CouchDB is opening
another socket to communicate with the view server. Would it be a big
deal to add the possibility to provide in couchdb.ini a host and port
the view-server would be listening at instead of a program to run?


    -- Richard

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