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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Re: [REVIEW] Docs update
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2013 08:57:37 GMT
Hi Noah!

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 10:01 PM, Noah Slater <> wrote:
> Alexander,
> This is freakin fantastic! Thank you so much!

Thanks! (:

> Some comments:
> Filippo has a point. Let's have a dead simple section that covers how to
> install CouchDB in binary form.


> For OS X, we should recommend the official binary download. And for a more
> advanced setup, we should recommend Homebrew. For Linux, let's list a few
> common options. Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, and so on. For Windows, we can
> point to the official binary downloads.
> Then, we can keep the existing content as a "how to install from source"
> info. That info is still very valuable, and should not be removed. But most
> users are going to want a "how to install in 30 seconds" guide. And for
> that reason, the binary install methods take precedence.

I'd updated Windows and Mac guides with first place suggesting to
download official release binaries:

Linux distros are coming - I need setup virtual boxes to reproduce all
steps before.

> MacPorts is a POS. We should completely avoid mentioning it. (Both in the
> binary install section, and in the source install section.)

Currently, I'd just mix INSTALL.Unix and wiki's
There was MacPorts guide and AFAIK there is some person that supports it.

But not really sure in result since I have no Mac to test it. Or if
someone suggest me how to install XCode on Hackintosh 10.7.3 (no
updates available)  I would be also glad (:

> The CouchDB documentation should be removed from the wiki when we have
> added it to the docs. We can put in redirects, or just replace the content
> with a hyperlink that takes you to the correct part of the most recent
> hosted documentation.

Ok. I'll start track list of wiki's articles that will be superseeded by docs.

> However: please remember that the wiki is not going anywhere. There is
> still a whole bunch of content that is suitable for the wiki and not
> suitable for the docs. Things to do with community management, release
> management, marketing, and so on.


> Alexander: again, this is looking so great! Thank you for driving this!
> On 25 July 2013 02:28, Filippo Fadda <>wrote:
>> On Jul 25, 2013, at 2:38 AM, Alexander Shorin wrote:
>> > To keep there - you mean wiki? At this you're also right: once docs be
>> > merged with master, wiki content have to redirect to docs for some
>> > time before fade away.
>> Good to know. :-)
>> > P.S. I also will be glad if you take a look on query server protocol
>> > and say what you think about:
>> >
>> > As the developer of php query server I believe you have your own view
>> about (;
>> I still have to implement the parts related to ddoc, show, list, and
>> filter on both query server and client. So I'm glad to have a start point
>> for them. I will read the doc and I will give you a feedback in the next
>> days. And by the way you're all doing a great job with CouchDB. :-)
>> Thanks
>> -Filippo
> --
> Noah Slater

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