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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject Re: Part1: What's up dev? About energy.
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 19:15:50 GMT
On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Noah Slater <> wrote:
> Some good stuff in this Benoit.
> I think we need to kick some life back into the team as well.
> Here are my ideas:
> * Set up a weekly team meeting on IRC. Attendance strictly non-compulsory.
> Minutes archived on wiki and sent to list afterwards. Get everyone to speak
> up and report on status, and any items for discussion. This mirrors a
> short-lived, but very useful, "CouchDB heartbeat" that me and Jan were
> doing in private during our darkest hour this year.
> * Set up informal teams, or work groups. No team leaders.
> No hierarchy or bureaucracy. Just promote the idea that people should get
> organised around specific areas. Each "team" get's a wiki space. People can
> elect to be in the team. Again, no team leaders. Just groups of people. For
> example, me, Paul, and Bob are the release team at the moment. This team
> has existed for years, but we've not documented it anywhere. Let's do that.
> And ask other people to do the same around areas they give a shit about.
> * Kick of product management and marketing activities. I'm talking feature
> lifecycle stuff. Collecting requests and use cases. Maintaining a roadmap.
> Maintaining docs. Setting up a release cadence. Working with PR, bloggers,
> etc, ever time we launch. Open up blog itself to the community. We need to
> blog about non-release stuff. Demonstrate that we're thought leaders.
> * Start to recognise 3rd party projects by either merging them in directly
> (BigCouch), creating ASF sub-projects, or learning from them, and blessing
> certain ideas. CouchApps is, apparently controversial. One option might be
> to re-implement CouchApps in core, taking lessons from 3rd party projects,
> but not merging any in directly. The goal being to say that CouchDB core is
> both a clustered database and an app platform. No need to depend on forks
> or external projects. This shit is important enough to the community that
> we're making that functionality core.
> Benoit, I know you're going to have some concerns about what exactly I mean
> by some of these points. I would like to say, for now, let's put the
> discussion on hold. And work through these one by one. Or at
> least, separately. I'm trying to devote more hours in the week to CouchDB.
> And I only have time to think about and work on one of these things at a
> time. I am sure other people feel the same. So, let's be aware that there
> are things to sort out here, and different perspectives to unite, and just
> put it on the back burner, and pick one of them for now.
> I think the first thing we need to look at is setting up a weekly IRC
> meeting. I will send out a separate email for that now.

@nslater thanks for the answer.

The irc meeting is a good idea imo let start with it. I will address
later the other topics. Would be good to have reactions from others
too :)

- benoît

> On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 10:20 AM, Benoit Chesneau <>wrote:
>> What's up devs?
>> Following our last discussion with @nslater on twitter, I wanted to say
>> a quick HI on the mailing-list. This mail is splitted in 2 parts. A long
>> time really. These days I miss what make me enjoy CouchDB at the
>> beginning. The energy you could feel on the chan and sometimes IRL. The
>> time when anyone was aware of who was working on a feature. Which
>> feature was in progress. Today IRC is more like a support channel where
>> sometimes ideas emerge but you don't feel they are very supported. There
>> are private discussion somewhere.  But well they are... private. Same
>> for tickets. We see tickets but more often no real incentive from each
>> others (and I am to blame too) to fix them.
>> Today to be honnest, this lack of energy annoys me a lot. This is quite
>> more important than the rest. At least for me. I don't have 4 devs on
>> the projects working with me in my office where I can speak with each
>> other about possible fixes and such .. Communication inside the project
>> is  really important. Apache CouchDB is an opensource project
>> distributed around the world (at least 2 continents).
>> Anyway I still keep my confidence in the project. I know there have been
>> lot of codes developped around. Today if we don't count the couchbase
>> fork (wich is still named couchdb and all...) there are 2 friendly forks
>> I'm
>> aware of couchdb: bigcouch, refuge.
>> Bigcouch was announced to be merged in. But since then we don't know as
>> couchdb devs how it will be. How can we keep couchdb working standalone
>> and on a cluster. It blocks everything else today for me since I don't
>> know if I will work on a cluster or still can continue to think I can
>> use couchdb standalone on one node (and possiblit migrate to the
>> cluster thing easily). I didn't see anything about in
>> bigcouch recently as well. . As a CouchDB developper I would like to see
>> a branch in couchdb so we can hack on all together or just review or
>> document.
>> Rcouch my own fork which has the following features:
>> - OTP compliant (build an erlang release, support hot upgrades), bigcouch
>> is as well. Today couchdb isn't really erlangish and is based on
>> autotools
>> - static build support. Packages for deb, rpm, macosx, arm platforms
>> - View changes: get changes in an ndex in real time
>> - Replication using view changes
>> - couch_randomdoc : pick a random document inside a db or a view
>> - dnssd : discover couchdb over bonjour in your lan
>> - upnp : make couchdb easily accessible on the net
>> - refuge_spatial: fork of geocouch adapted to use latest couch_index.
>>   (note that a version also exists for bigcouch)
>> - HTTP api based on ranch and cowboy (using mochicow for the
>>   transition). more stable and efficient HTTP handlers
>> - doc read validation (like update validation)
>> - dropbox features (anyone can upload only readers or admins can read
>>   doc uploaded)
>> - some replication fixes.
>> - no refcount db , using a patch from @davisp similar to the one in
>>   bigcouch
>> - ..
>> And coming this week: view merge & cors.
>> I would like to merge it in couchdb as well. But I don't know how. And
>> each time I asked for having a discussion on it it fails because some
>> were busy or anything (but never came back). Can we put a roadmap for
>> that and start to put the code online?
>> Second part about couchapps in next mail.
>> - benoît
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