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From Maxim Osipov <>
Subject versioning for sensors data storage
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 11:08:01 GMT

Warning: I'm new to CouchDB! And I'm in a process pf selecting a
database to store data from sensors. The scenario looks like this:

There are sensors on the net (may be thousands or later millions) for
things like temperature, motion, etc. Each sensors has an IPv6 address
and pushes data to central server in JSON format, like:
{ temp: 36.6; humidity: 80 }
We don't know in advance what exactly sensor will push, but most of
the time the format of JSON structure is the same. Data is updated ...
say every second for each sensor.

>From the "architecture" point of view it could be a nice solution with
CouchDB, where each sensor is represented by a document and each
sample of sensor data is a version of this document.

The questions are:
 - do we have time/date information for versions
 - is it easy/good to access document version history
 - what is a limit on number of versions and how it affects performance
 - is it possible/easy/good to get a time snapshot of database

All other comments are also welcome!

Kind regards,

Maxim Osipov
Flexibity Ltd.

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