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From Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya <>
Subject Re: Elixir
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 23:52:05 GMT
I spent a (somewhat painful) weekend messing around with it - it basically reads like a bit
of an unholy cross of Javascript, Ruby, and erlang.  The "somewhat painful" bit is that both
JS and Ruby give me hives (not as much as Java, but I 've suffered through *that* since 95).
 Anyhow, the pseudo-OO nature is ok, if you like that sort of thing, and the 'language simplification"
kinda sorta works, but I was basically left with an overwhelming feeling of "why?". 
There does seem to be an awful lot of "Make XXX work like Ruby" going on out there :-)

Again, I'm a perl/erlang guy, so take *all* the above with a huge pinch of salt...

Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya
Vocalocity - Powering Small Business
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