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From "C. Florian Ebeling" <>
Subject Rubygems as generic package manager (was: Re: Simple erlang plugins (was Re: couch_gen_btree: pluggable storage / tree engines))
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 14:12:13 GMT
Hi Antony,

> I have
> couchdb/erlang/icu etc packaged as ruby gems that deploys couch using
> dependcies, and the class that controls couchdb allows multiple instances in
> self-contained locations. It looks a bit like this:

that's one idea I was thinking about myself a while back
but I didn't get around trying it. I wonder how happy you
are with this "gems as generic package manager" approach?
It would be cool if you could post examples into some pastebin,
if sharing that is at all possible.

Sounds like something that might make deployment in general
a bit more fun across different OSes.


Florian Ebeling
Twitter: febeling

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