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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Package changes complete
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 15:32:59 GMT

The package substitution has been done.  That means that files will be staying in the same
place from now on, for the most part, 
so it's safe to modify them and rely on svn to handle merges, etc.

I still need to do significant 'debranding' work, including the renaming of certain classes,
but this effectively opens the tree 
for check-ins from others, should they wish to start hacking away.  There's no shortage of
work to do.  Specific issues I will 
enter as tickets, but issues that don't currently have an owner include:

(1) Getting a build system in place for libapache-mod-authz-annotate (c code)
(2) Getting the documentation into shape
(3) Coming up with an Apache strategy for testing


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