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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Official list of conditionally required upstream jars, wsdls, etc.
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 15:20:10 GMT

The complete list of stuff one needs to add to the source tree to get *everything* to build
is as follows:

kwright@kuskokwim:~/wip/lcf/trunk/modules$ svn status
?       connectors/documentum/dfc/dctm.jar
?       connectors/documentum/dfc/dfcbase.jar
?       connectors/documentum/dfc/dfc.jar
?       connectors/filenet/filenet-api/Jace.jar
?       connectors/meridio/wsdls/MeridioDMWS_axis.wsdl
?       connectors/meridio/wsdls/RMDataSet.xsd
?       connectors/meridio/wsdls/DMDataSet.xsd
?       connectors/meridio/wsdls/MeridioRMWS_axis.wsdl
?       connectors/meridio/wsdls/RMClassificationDataSet.xsd
?       connectors/memex/mxie-java/JavaMXIELIB.jar
?       connectors/sharepoint/wsdls/versions.wsdl
?       connectors/sharepoint/wsdls/Permissions.wsdl
?       connectors/sharepoint/wsdls/usergroup.wsdl
?       connectors/sharepoint/wsdls/Lists.wsdl
?       connectors/sharepoint/wsdls/DspSts.wsdl
?       connectors/sharepoint/wsdls/webs.wsdl
?       connectors/livelink/lapi/lapi.jar
?       connectors/jcifs/jcifs/jcifs.jar

Some notes:
(1) jcifs.jar is LGPL and can be downloaded from
(2) lapi.jar is a product from OpenText - part of the LiveLink suite of products; we use the
latest lapi (9.7.0 I think).  I can 
ask about redistribution through OpenText Support, unless somebody has better contacts than
I do.
(3) SharePoint wsdls can be obtained easily from an installed SharePoint 3.0 instance, which
anyone with an MSDN subscription 
should be able to install.  See modules/sharepoint/upstream-diffs for details.  Grant is checking
on redistribution rights.
(4) JavaMXIELIB.jar comes from Memex - I'm not sure they sell it separately, worth a check
to see if we can redistribute.  I can 
contact Memex and find out whether this is OK or not.
(5) meridio wsdls and xsds must be downloaded from an installed Meridio server, version 5.0
SP1 or better, and then modified 
according to instructions described in connectors/meridio/upstream-diffs.  Autonomy will not
grant redistribution rights for 
these components, so people are on their own here.
(6) FileNet Jace.jar is part of the FileNet P8 API component that IBM sells. Unlikely, but
maybe worth a check to see if we can 
redistribute.  Does anybody have decent IBM/FileNet contacts?
(7) Documentum dfc jars are part of EMC's DFC product.  This connector was tested with the
5.3.5 SP1 jars, which are old (they 
are on 6.5 now).  Highly unlikely that we can get agreement to redistribute, but could be
checked if someone has good contacts. 
  I'm unlikely to have the needed patience to attempt it.


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