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From Karl Wright <>
Subject ant build scripts "done"; should be possible for others to build now
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 20:58:02 GMT

I've set it up so there's a master build script under "modules", which fires off individual
module build scripts as specified. 
If you haven't installed required client libraries for any given connector, it should simply
skip that one.  I've also checked 
in properly versions of all jars that can legally redistributed by apache; we may well want
to change how that's done, but since 
upstream modifications are needed on a few of them, that seemed like the fastest way to get

I've made no attempt to copy the generated jars, wars, iars, etc. to convenient places as
of yet.  (iars are "incremental wars", 
the need for which I posted about earlier.)

I'd appreciate a vic-, er, volunteer to attempt to do a build themselves in case my environment
is masking any problems.  Should 
that succeed, I think we're ready to move on to "de-MetaCarta-ifying" the source tree.  If
it works (or fails) for you, please 
let me know.

Any suggestions as to the base package name?  I was thinking either ""
or "org.apache.lcf", to replace 
"com.metacarta....".  Any preferences?  Other suggestions?


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