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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Meridio connector build strategy
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:55:19 GMT

All the straightforward connectors now have ant build scripts, so I'm starting work on the
nastier ones.

Meridio is the nastiest of the web-service-based connectors.  It's nasty for two reasons:

(a) it depends on wsdls and xsds whose rights to redistribute have been explicitly declined
by Autonomy (Meridio's owner), and
(b) even if you have these wsdls and xsds available to you, they required hand modification
in order to work properly with axis 
and castor.

When the software grant was done, MetaCarta attempted to address these problems by specifying
a process for obtaining and 
modifying the wsdls.  This process, however, requires not only a properly-installed Meridio
instance of the right version (5.0 
SP1, I believe), but also use of Microsoft's xmlpatch/xmldiff utility, which I believe is
only available as an .exe on Windows.

My strategy, therefore, for dealing with this connector seems to be either:
(1) Locate or write an equivalent xmlpatch/xmldiff utility in the java world, and incorporate
the patch/diff process in the 
build, or
(2) Do all the work to pre-generate the java stubs using castor and axis for the Meridio web
services, and check in those stub 

I know we had this discussion before vis-a-vis the SharePoint connector, but the lack of an
xmldiff utility throws and 
additional difficulty in the way for this connector.  Please advise.


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