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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Not quite a war
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 09:44:35 GMT
I have been working on a preliminary set of build.xml files for the various components of lcf,
as per Grant's suggestion, and 
have been following (roughly) the packaging setup of the granted code.  There is, however,
a detail we should discuss.

The framework itself consists of an "agents" process, and two Tomcat web applications.  One
of these web applications is the 
authority service (authority.war).  The other web application (crawler.war) is for the crawler
UI, which is what I'd like to 
focus on for the purposes of this discussion.

Each connector provides one or more jars for the agents process, all of which need to be available
to the crawler UI web 
application.  Each connector ALSO provides specific jsp elements that are meant to be part
of the crawler UI.  In the MetaCarta 
world, we dealt with this by building a special runt "war" for each connector, which isn't
really a full war but is meant to 
represent the delta needed to augment crawler.war.  So when you install an individual connector,
it effectively unpacks 
crawler.war, unpacks randomconnector.war on top of it, and then packs crawler.war back up.

The question is: Is this an acceptable way of packaging an individual connector in Apache
Land?  Or do we want to do something 
different?  I suppose we might want to call these connector war's by some other extension?
 Thoughts?  Ideas?


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