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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Third tar.gz status?
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 12:42:17 GMT

Hi Grant,

Did you have a look at the third tar.gz I uploaded into the code-grant ticket?  For this one,
I used rat as you requested, and 
added licenses to all remaining jsp and java files.  I'm not sure how those got missed; the
engineer here who did the conversion 
in the first place is usually pretty thorough that way.

There are still a few outstanding files of different kinds that I've been loathe to touch.
 For example, there are a couple of 
purportedly XML files in the SharePoint MCPermissions web service build.  These have some
kind of lead-in, however, and they are 
used by Visual Studio, so I was not sure I could safely drop a copyright into them.  Also,
we included Sun jsp standard library 
tld's in the grant inadvertantly; these of course can be distributed but were not ours to
grant in the first place.


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