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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Any addition requirements to complete the grant/svn import process?
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 13:07:39 GMT

Hi Grant,

As you probably noticed, I uploaded a new tarball plus md5sum yesterday, into the same ticket.
 I believe I attached apache 
headers to every file which I was certain would not be functionally harmed by that exercise.
 Does that now meet the 
requirements as set forward by the IP committee?

I would like very much to get the grant into Apache svn before long.  I've been given MetaCarta
clearance to work hard on 
"de-MetaCarta-isizing" the granted code within Apache over the next few weeks.  MetaCarta
hopes to be able to reimport the 
changed code from Apache as their primary connector code sometime over the next several weeks,
so my work is cut out for me, it 


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