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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Hello, and initial LCF software grant questions
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 10:18:18 GMT

Hi All,

I'm working on the initial MetaCarta software grant and delivery, and it seems to me that
there are a number of potential paths 
this can take, so I'd like to solicit input.  (I'm also hoping that the mailing list is actually

The grant is to cover at the minimum all LCF java and jsp sources, mod_aa sources, and end-user
documentation sources, that are 
owned by MetaCarta.  One question is, what else should be brought along as well?

Some background may be in order.  LCF has components as follows:

- A crawler service/process
- A tomcat web application, for the crawler UI
- A second tomcat web application, serving access tokens for authorization
- An apache2 plugin, which does the authorization itself, and talks to one of the tomcat web

Individual connectors also may have their own services involved.  The FileNet and Documentum
connectors have such services, for 
example.  The reasons have to do with either stability (Documentum), or specific dependencies
on specific jar versions 
(FileNet).  For these connectors, we've used RMI and thus created a pair of specific services
for each one (an RMI locator 
service, and the actual "server" service).

The MetaCarta source tree described debian packages exclusively.  This implicitly controls
the build dependencies and the 
run-time dependencies.  Services are described in terms of /etc/init.d scripts.  So I guess
the overall question is: how much of 
this debian infrastructure should we include in the software grant?

My thoughts are that an Apache debianization will need to be reimplemented in any case, because
there are probably a number of 
MetaCarta-specific assumptions in these packages.  So I'd thought that the proper way forward
would be the following:

(1) Take the source code
(2) Build standard apache build infrastructure for that source - probably ant for the java,
and whatever apache2 is built with 
for mod_aa
(3) Build platform-dependent packaging afresh for all the desired apache targets, based on

However, it occurred to me that there is a fair bit of useful "how to" information built into
the current MetaCarta 
debianization.  So I need help choosing among the following grant options:

(a) Just the sources, ma'am.
(b) Sources plus the original makefile's, for reference.
(c) The complete debian package sources.

Please let me know what you would think would be most appropriate.  (Grant Ingersoll has already
chimed in with the opinion that 
more is better than less at this point.)

A similar question can be asked about tests MetaCarta has that exercise LCF and individual
connectors.  These tests are written 
in python and expect to be run on MetaCarta's appliance, but they could conceivably be useful
as an example.  Should they be 
included in the grant?

Also, FWIW, the grant will describe files as they appear in MetaCarta's repository today.
 The presumption is that the files 
will be moved to their proper location in the Apache world after the initial import into svn.

A final procedural question involves what copyright, if any, should be on the files submitted
in the tar.  I am definitely going 
to be removing the MetaCarta copyrights; do I want to add Apache copyrights before the grant,
or not?


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