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Subject [CONF] Apache Connectors Framework > How to Write an Output Connector
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 14:53:00 GMT
Space: Apache Connectors Framework (
Page: How to Write an Output Connector (

Comment added by Farzad:

You were right.  My dataManager was not initialized, so it was throwing NullPointer exceptions.
 After that I had a primary key violation, and I liked how the UI reported that back.  Finally,
I was using a counter for the primary key and needed to make it static because of the multiple
instances of the connector, so that it incremented correctly.

One interesting thing I learnt was that MCF doesn't reprocess the same item twice. I had a
failed job that processed two item before stopping.  Those two items were not sent again to
newer jobs for the same file system path.  Only after I deleted the jobs, and created a new
one that they were sent again.

In reply to a comment by Karl Wright:
addOrReplaceDocument is only called when a document is indexed.  But if your code throws an
exception, the framework code will repeat the process.  I suggest you check the output log
to see the exception.

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