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Subject svn commit: r979126 - /incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/framework/pull-agent/org/apache/lcf/crawler/interfaces/
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2010 23:15:01 GMT
Author: kwright
Date: Sun Jul 25 23:15:00 2010
New Revision: 979126

Update comment, since it was somewhat out of date and was confusing people.


Modified: incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/framework/pull-agent/org/apache/lcf/crawler/interfaces/
--- incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/framework/pull-agent/org/apache/lcf/crawler/interfaces/
+++ incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/framework/pull-agent/org/apache/lcf/crawler/interfaces/
Sun Jul 25 23:15:00 2010
@@ -48,12 +48,16 @@ import java.util.*;
 * It therefore establishes a space of document identifiers.  Each connector will only ever
 * asked to deal with identifiers that have in some way originated from the connector.
-* Documents are fetched in three stages.  First, the getDocuments() method is called in the
-* implementation.  This returns a set of document identifiers.  The document identifiers
are used to
-* obtain the current document version strings in the second stage, using the getDocumentVersions()
-* The last stage is processDocuments(), which queues up any additional documents needed,
and also ingests.
-* This method will not be called if the document version seems to indicate that no document
change took
-* place.
+* Documents are fetched by LCF in three stages.  First, the addSeedDocuments() method is
called in the connector
+* implementation.  This method is meant to add a set of document identifiers to the queue.
 When LCF is ready
+* to process a document, the document identifier is used to obtain a current document version
string, using the
+* getDocumentVersions() method (the second stage).  This version string is used to decide
whether or not the
+* third stage need be called for the document or not.  The third stage is responsible for
sending document content
+* to the output, and for extracting any references to additional documents, and consists
of the processDocuments() method.
+* All of these methods interact with LCF by means of an "activity" interface.  For example,
an IVersionActivity object
+* is passed to the getDocumentVersions() method, and that object contains methods that are
necessary for getDocumentVersions()
+* to do its job.  A similar architecture is used throughout the connector framework.
 public interface IRepositoryConnector

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