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From Geoff Higginbottom <>
Subject RE: launch console proxy Vm
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 11:34:21 GMT

It's potentially an issue with the deployment of System VMs.  It would be good to test this,
but rather than destroying any more existing System VMs, you can force the creation of additional
instances by changing the following global settings so that the 'capacity.standby' setting
is 2x the 'session.max' setting.



If after changing these settings, and restarting the Management Service, no additional SSVMs
or Console Proxy VMs are generated, you have definitely got a problem with creating new System
VMs, and the most likely issue will be related to the Management Server accessing Secondary

Also can you confirm you are able to create new Guest Instances from a NEW template, it's
important its new so that the system has to copy it from Secondary Storage to Primary Storage.


Geoff Higginbottom

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From: Mathias Mullins []
Sent: 13 February 2013 03:05
Subject: RE: launch console proxy Vm


Take the database ID of the CPVM v-XX-VM and run the following:

Update vm_instance set status = stopped where id = XX;

That will change it to stopped in the UI under the infrastructure tab. Do a restart and it
should recreate the VM.


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From: Caleb Call []
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: launch console proxy Vm

We've restarted the management service many times, let me dig though the logs and see what
info I can pull out and see if it's even trying to start it back up (I haven't seen anything
to suggest it trying, but the logs are large).

Here's a feature request, breaking logging out to individual zone files.  Having several zones
logging to a single management log file makes for a messy log file! :)

One thought we had was to run the cloud-sysvmadm command to see if that would force it to
restart, but it didn't, it just restarted all the other system vms.

On Feb 12, 2013, at 1:09 PM, Ahmad Emneina <> wrote:

> do the logs show the management server trying to start the console proxy?
> if not I'd also restart the management service, see if you get any
> further with that. If there are logs, it might help to post as much of
> the management server log as possible.
> On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 11:54 AM, Chip Childers
> <>wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 12:51:46PM -0700, Caleb Call wrote:
>>> It is, but it was actually already destroyed from within the
>>> cloudstack
>> ui so it's not listed there and hasn't been re-spawned.
>> Hmm...  interesting.  I haven't run into that.
>> Are you able to restart the mgmt server(s) and see if that causes it
>> to be re-spawned?
>> Anyone else have ideas?
>>> On Feb 12, 2013, at 12:47 PM, Chip Childers
>>> <>
>> wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 12:43:59PM -0700, Caleb Call wrote:
>>>>> The console proxy VM is one of our Zones was accidentally destroyed.
>> Is there a way to force the zone to relaunch or recreate a new
>> console proxy?  It's been this way for several days, so I'm quite
>> certain it's not going to do it on it's own.
>>>>> Thanks
>>>> Is the console proxy listed in the infrastructure page's system VMs
>>>> section?  If so, destroy it from there and CS should create a new
>>>> one for you.
>>>> -chip

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