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From "Fuchs, Andreas (SwissTXT)" <>
Subject Issues when vCenter becomes unavailable
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 10:35:22 GMT
Hi CS Users

We are running CS 3.0.6 on a vSphere platform and found a strange behavior.

When the vCenter becomes unavailable due to a reboot or some other issue, it seems that CS
is shutting down instances when vCenter becomes available again.

What we think what happens.
1. vCenter becomes unrechabale
2. CS marks the ESX servers as "down"
3. We think this leads to: CS marks the instances as down as well
4. When vCenter becomes available again, CS stops the "marked as down" instances

This is very bad as the Instances where running all the time and the the shutdown issued by
CS is forcing a service interruption.

My problem is that I cannot realy reporoduce as allot of testing is ongoing on the platform
at the moment, so my question:

Does someone else see this issue as well and can maybe reproduce?
Is there a workaround to it, can I change some flag or something which tells CS to never shut
down an instance by himself?
Why are the ESX hosts getting marked as down and not unreachable or something?

Best regards

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