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From Ahmad Emneina <>
Subject Re: advanced networking with kvm
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 19:45:44 GMT
On 1/14/13 10:51 AM, "david van zeebroeck"
<> wrote:

>how does one actually setup a cloudstack with kvm and advanced networking.
>The documentation is not really clear on this.
>For example do i need to create my bridges before i try to add the host in
>cloudstack or do i let cloudstack create the bridge's.
>Also can you choose the name of the kvm traffic freely or do they need to
>be in the form of cloudvirbrxxx
>is there a short description or tutorial out there for kvm?

Hey there David,

All very valid questions, I believe there is a runbook for cloudstack/kvm,
I don¹t know how relevant it is today. Not sure if its being actively

The unabridged install guide has loads of useful information it can be
found in the link[1] below.

If you deviate from a simple vanilla install (hypervisor using 1 nic, type
scenario) you should create the bridges out of band.

I also don¹t believe there is any restriction on naming your bridge. Just
remember to have them match up to what cloudstack has as its traffic type

Hope that helps.



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