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From Shanker Balan <>
Subject Re: How can I specify the vCPU and ram manually?
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 10:59:36 GMT
On 05-Oct-2012, at 4:20 PM, Giles Sirett <> wrote:

> We've had this requirement a few times before.
> In short, it goes against CS's concept of service offerings
> Theres two approaches we've used:
> 1. create, in advance, service offerings  of every permutation of memory/cpu/disk  that
you want to sell. Or
> 2. Use the API to generate new service offerings on the fly, when people spin up instances
> Whichever approach you use, doing this in the CS gui will be a lot of work, easiest thing
is to create a provisioning site to do it via API, which is relatively  simple
> In terms of usage/billing, you then just bill out against a service offering (its just
you have lots of different ones)
> If you have a look at these guys:
> they are using approach (1) above

Hi Giles and Tamas,

That was my understanding also, that billing is always against service offerings.

@Giles, I really like the umbeehosting slider system for choosing an offering. Very simple
and intuitive.


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