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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] BVT for CloudStack checkins
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 05:11:51 GMT
On 06/03/13 11:52 PM, "Kelven Yang" <> wrote:

>First +1 on BVT. 
>Second, should we consider the idea of having a staging area for people to
>check-in? Which is that making master always the stable(reasonable) branch
>for main development, but whenever people make check-ins, it goes into
>staging first, 

+1 for having staging-branch. Unless we are able to run, Bvt's on the
feature branch, there is no confidence that merge of feature branch to
master won't break master. IMO, its not un-common to have a master branch
which is kept stable with regular builds and BVT test passes, then have a
development branch where the features land up first go through the BVT
then pushed to master. On regular basic there can be 'reverse integration'
(dev branch to master) and 'forward integrations' (master to dev)

>and we have maintainers(could be automatic) to run whatever
>test framework we have and only perform automatic merge to master from
>staging area after a successful test-run?

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