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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Reviewboard Enhancement via ASFBot
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2013 11:49:22 GMT
The ASFBot was enhanced (thanks to Humbeedooh) to allow git commits to
automatically appear in the reviewboard comments.

So if you just 'Ship it!' on a review, ASFBot will now add the commit
summary into the patch request as long as the JIRA ticket id is
present in your commit message. (More reason to include JIRA ids in
your summaries).

IRC log follows:

3:04:58 PM Humbedooh: vogxn: re your question earlier; ASFBot doesn't do any
updating, it's a daemon process that runs on urd.z.a.o that does that - in
theory, yes, it could update reviewboard as well, but I'd have to figure out
how to do that 
3:05:19 PM Humbedooh: *knows next to nothing about reviewboard*
3:05:34 PM vogxn: Humbedooh: you handle patches via email? 
3:05:46 PM vogxn: reviewboard's got a python api 
3:06:01 PM Humbedooh: I don't do python if I can avoid it 
3:06:11 PM vogxn: *goes to find a Lua api*
3:06:16 PM Humbedooh: 
3:06:40 PM vogxn: no luck. but doesn't it update JIRA already?
3:07:05 PM Humbedooh: we have a pubsub client that updates JIRAs yes
3:07:12 PM vogxn: ahh. ok
3:07:24 PM Humbedooh: so essentially, we could use that same client to update reviewboard
- I just need to figure out how 
3:07:27 PM vogxn: anyway - nice to have. may be in a wishlist somewhere
3:08:00 PM Humbedooh: sure, you could add it as a wish type jira ticket in infra's jira
3:08:12 PM vogxn: will do!
3:09:21 PM Humbedooh: and also mention what exactly you want happening to the reviewboard
stuff; comment, patch, whatever
3:09:45 PM vogxn: ok
3:22:45 PM rohityadav: vogxn: use rbtools-cs?
3:23:02 PM rohityadav: though that would be on your terminal not on irc; 
3:23:26 PM vogxn: see INFRA-5977 on why
3:24:05 PM vogxn: it's towards better communicating with our contributors. i
don't like seeing patches committed with just a Ship it and contributors left
not knowing whether to close/discard
3:33:50 PM Humbedooh: wow, that's a terrible http api reviewboard has
3:34:06 PM Humbedooh: just one big search request that returns eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything
4:22:30 PM Cato_Fong: Project test-matrix » centos63,xen,xen602 build #236: FAILURE in 52
4:25:11 PM vogxn: ^^ ignore. troubleshooting something
4:29:54 PM Humbedooh: vogxn: can you set up a fake cloudstack issue on reviewboard please?
4:30:06 PM vogxn: coming right up
4:30:09 PM Humbedooh: there doesn't seem to be any test group I can play with
4:33:18 PM ASFBot: JIRA: Prasanna Santhanam [Created] (CLOUDSTACK-1644) INFRA-5977: Testing
ASFBot updates to reviewboard [ ]
4:35:16 PM vogxn: Humbedooh: here's the fake patch.
4:35:24 PM Humbedooh: thanks 
4:36:39 PM vogxn: Humbedooh: you'll need a reviewboard account for creating review requests

4:36:54 PM Humbedooh: got one, called asfbot 
4:37:03 PM vogxn: d'oh. should've guessed
4:50:12 PM Humbedooh: aaaaaalmost got it
4:53:25 PM vogxn: Humbedooh: i see it! 
4:53:34 PM Humbedooh: yeah but that's me manually doing it 
4:53:44 PM Humbedooh: I can make the script save drafts, but not publish it yet
4:53:44 PM vogxn: haha. okay
4:54:01 PM vogxn: it's great! thanks so much for working on it on short notice
4:55:53 PM Humbedooh: aah, now I get it
4:58:57 PM vogxn: *brb*
5:00:36 PM Humbedooh: the last one was from the script 
5:02:50 PM vogxn: hmm, don't I need to do the push before seeing the commit?
5:02:57 PM vogxn: oh you tested the comments
5:02:58 PM vogxn: got it
5:03:12 PM vogxn: baby steps!
5:03:53 PM Humbedooh: now it's time to test if it'll work with git 
5:04:28 PM vogxn: alright! do i ship it and apply to the branch?
5:04:46 PM Humbedooh: just make some random git change and reference CLOUDSTACK-1644 in it
5:04:53 PM vogxn: sure
5:04:55 PM Humbedooh: and hopefully, it'll pick up on it
5:05:07 PM Humbedooh: (and if not, back to the drawing board)
5:05:11 PM vogxn: *fingers crossed*
5:06:08 PM ASFBot: tsp@apache.orgrefs/heads/master * 6eade59 (;h=6eade59
5:06:09 PM ASFBot: >> CLOUDSTACK-1644: INFRA-5977 ASFBot test
5:06:19 PM vogxn: hmm - shouldn't have used master
5:06:23 PM Humbedooh: yippie
5:06:37 PM Humbedooh: it worked 
5:06:43 PM vogxn: you da man!
5:06:51 PM Humbedooh: I'll just nohup this process and let it run
5:07:09 PM vogxn: cool! this will surely be appreciated by the community
5:07:15 PM ASFBot: JIRA: ASF subversion and git services [Commented] (CLOUDSTACK-1644) INFRA-5977:
Testing ASFBot updates to reviewboard [
5:07:17 PM vogxn: three cheers for Humbedooh 
5:08:07 PM vogxn: so i'm itching to announce this on the lists 
5:08:10 PM Humbedooh: okay, it's daemonized now - should hopefully work out okay
5:08:15 PM Humbedooh: one last test? 
5:08:20 PM Humbedooh: just to see if the daemon runs okay
5:08:23 PM vogxn: sure. will revert the commit
5:08:27 PM Humbedooh: then you can announce it 
5:08:57 PM Humbedooh: and then I can close the ticket ^^
5:09:23 PM ASFBot: tsp@apache.orgrefs/heads/master * bc36612 (;h=bc36612
5:09:24 PM ASFBot: >> CLOUDSTACK-1644: INFRA-5977 ASFBot test
5:09:35 PM vogxn: works!
5:09:47 PM Humbedooh: sweet
5:09:58 PM Humbedooh: closing the infra ticket then
5:10:00 PM vogxn: loving the bot services. keep up the great  work
5:10:02 PM vogxn: thanks
5:10:54 PM Humbedooh: you're welcome 


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