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From Chip Childers <>
Subject [WIKI] Releases section of the wiki was re-worked a bit...
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2013 00:50:11 GMT
Hi all,

I spent some time today to consolidate information from several
different draft documents we had floating around, as well as from recent
discussions and decisions we made on the list.


I've edited the top level "Releases" page to include, what I hope, our
consensus around release planning, scheduling, branch management,
support and upgrades.

The diagrams displayed are PNG files, but the source SVG's are attached
as well.  I happen to use OmniGraffle to diagram things, and the SVG's
are an export from that tool.  Warning that mileage may vary.


I also spent some time to consolidate and move various release
collaboration and planning docs we have used / are using for our various
releases.  From the top level "Releases" page, there are now only three
child pages:

1) Release Procedure - this is the guide *as is* that we have been using
as the playbook for the official artifact generation and voting process
for our releases.  I'd like for us to build on this over time, making it
a "how to" for the entire process (inclusive of planning, etc...).  We
can get there over time though.

2) Releases In Progress - this is the parent page for our release
planning docs for active release "projects" only.  Once a release is
done, it's pages should be moved to the next section...

3) Archived Release Documents - this is the final home for planning
pages, once a release gets out the door.

I also added notes on the "Releases In Progress" and "Archived Release
Documents" pages themselves, pointing people to our website for official
release documents and downloads.


Happy to take feedback, concerns, comments...  Also happy to have you
edit things you may disagree with.


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