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From Min Chen <>
Subject Re: [ACS41][QA] Blockers and Critical failures 2/27
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2013 23:53:54 GMT
CLOUDSTACK-1425 and CLOUDSTACK-1399 are fixed.


On 2/27/13 2:15 PM, "Sudha Ponnaganti" <> wrote:

>Eventhough critical failures may not block testing in general, they would
>block specific feature validation. Pl do take a look at your queue
>CLOUDSTACK-698            Modify build to generate the LICENSE and NOTICE
>files  Chip Childers      12/21/2012 6:45
>CLOUDSTACK-1262          "Failed to Prepare Secondary Storage in VMware,"
>         Chandan Purushothama               2/13/2013 11:43
>CLOUDSTACK-1252          Failed to download default template in VMware
>           Kelven Yang       2/12/2013 20:00
>CLOUDSTACK-1244          fail to push sysmvm.iso onto xen host    Devdeep
>Singh 2/12/2013 5:08
>CLOUDSTACK-1425          unhandled exception executing api command:
>migrateVirtualMachine & recoverVirtualMachine                Min Chen
>       2/27/2013 3:40
>CLOUDSTACK-1436          4.1 management server fails to start from RPM
>build artifacts     Noa Resare         2/27/2013 13:43
>CLOUDSTACK-1423          Unable to launch UI [HTTP Status 404 - ]
>       Unassigned        2/27/2013 1:36
>CLOUDSTACK-1420          Ensure trademarks are properly attributed in
>publican brand.     David Nalley       2/26/2013 17:05
>CLOUDSTACK-1399          Unhandled exception executing api command:
>stopVirtualMachine        Kelven Yang       2/26/2013 3:36
>CLOUDSTACK-298            "putting host in maintenance mode while
>creating snapshot ,host resorce state stuck in ""ErrorInMaintenance
>mode"" and snapshot creation fail Unable to migrate due to Requested
>operation is not valid: cannot migrate domain with 1 snapshots"
> Unassigned        10/9/2012 1:14
>CLOUDSTACK-216            "Templates' Source Location Information present
>on ""template_host_ref"" and ""vm_template"" tables should refer to
>Apache System Template Locations"          David Nalley       9/26/2012
>CLOUDSTACK-1290          listNetoworks API takes too long to respond
> Sanjeev N           2/15/2013 1:51
>CLOUDSTACK-732            Add back KVM snapshot support              Fang
>Wang          1/3/2013 12:09
>CLOUDSTACK-354            Display of storage statistics is wrong.
>Unassigned        10/15/2012 16:32
>CLOUDSTACK-108            VM should not be allowed to be deployed on two
>Isolated Networks of an Account that were created from
>DefaultNetworkOfferingwithSourceNATService.   Alena Prokharchyk
>9/14/2012 16:15
>CLOUDSTACK-390            Install Guide: Section 4.5.7 (Prepare the
>System VM Template): Links go to    Radhika Nair
>10/19/2012 9:04
>CLOUDSTACK-198            vpn:failto add VPN Users deletes all the
>existing Vpn user            Kishan Kavala     9/25/2012 7:18
>CLOUDSTACK-255            Null pointer exception while creating
>portforwarding rule after performing UpdateNetworkCmd
>Venkata Siva Vijayendra Bhamidipati      10/4/2012 1:00
>CLOUDSTACK-1376          Unable to migrate VM due to internal error
>process exited while connecting to monitor:                Unassigned
>   2/22/2013 20:20
>CLOUDSTACK-1352          "KVM 6.3 snapshot - when snapshot of ROOT volume
>is being created, snapshot of data volume remains in Creating state"
>      Unassigned        2/20/2013 20:04
>CLOUDSTACK-1377          "HA fail - when host is shutdown, VMs and SSVMs
>are not failover to second host in cluster."                Unassigned
>    2/24/2013 20:33
>CLOUDSTACK-1337          Zone to zone template/ISO copy fails and
>template/ISO download also fails        deepti dohare
>2/19/2013 19:57
>CLOUDSTACK-1418          "As regular user , we are not allowed to deploy
>VM on a shared network."          Prachi Damle                2/26/2013
>CLOUDSTACK-1353          KVM 6.3 snapshot Scheduling snapshot failed due
>to java.lang.NullPointerException       Fang Wang
>2/20/2013 20:23
>CLOUDSTACK-301            Nexus 1000v DVS integration is not functional
> Sateesh Chodapuneedi 10/9/2012 4:48
>CLOUDSTACK-1397          Static Nat configuration is failing with NPE
>       Unassigned        2/26/2013 2:57
>CLOUDSTACK-1403          Storage and console-proxy related error
>     Sateesh Chodapuneedi 2/26/2013 4:38
>CLOUDSTACK-1392          NPE while creating template       Unassigned
>   2/26/2013 1:17
>CLOUDSTACK-1348          API/UI: zoneObj is undefined    angeline shen
>2/20/2013 16:33
>CLOUDSTACK-1404          ZWPS: listStoragePool API response doesn't
>contain scope detail              edison su             2/26/2013 5:42
>CLOUDSTACK-1405          ZWPS: listStoragePool API doesn't accept scope
>parameter         edison su             2/26/2013 5:43
>CLOUDSTACK-1429          single account is unable to use same vnet across
>multiple physical networks        venkata swamybabu budumuru 2/27/2013

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