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From Min Chen <>
Subject Re: Merge 4.1-new-db-schema.sql to db/db/schema-40to410.sql
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2013 18:13:15 GMT
Rohit, scripts run in create-schema-view.sql have been included  in
schema-40to410.sql. I will take care of removing create-schema-view.sql


On 2/15/13 2:58 AM, "Rohit Yadav" <> wrote:

>Edison, you'd created a 4.1-new-db-schema sql, may I merge
>4.1-new-db-schema.sql  to db/db/schema-40to410.sql? We'll also need a
>db/db/schema-40to410-cleanup.sql and upgrading class.
>There is some difference between the 4.0 create-schema.sql and that in
>Alex suggested in last discussion that we should not change the schema
>file and have upgrade paths and cleanup paths. This would help us do
>rolling upgrades. But Alex, there are a lot of difference between the
>4.0 schema and 4.1 schema sqls (about 4k lines of diff):
> If we don't want
>developers to change anything in the schema files, how do you propose
>we fix it now for 4.1? Move all these changes to 40to41 sql?
>Sheng (ipv6), Kishan (regions), Vijay (autoscale) I see some create
>schema changes, should we move them to db/db/schema-40to410.sql?
>Min, the create-schema-view did not exist for 4.0, should we keep it
>as it as, our move it as upgrade path?
>For 4.1, we should do following changes so DatabaseCreator could be
>refactored and used starting 4.2/master:
>- Change version to 4.0 in create-schema
>- Make sure there is difference between 4.0 and 4.1 create-schema sqls
>- Move new additions to db/db/schema-40to410.sql, define a cleanup
>path/sql and upgrading class from 40-41
>- Fix cloudstack-setup-databases, for 4.1 we won't use
>databasecreator, stick with the present script (won't risk regressions
>and whatnot)

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