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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Possible bug around IP release
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2013 17:36:22 GMT
What is the query trying to achieve?

On 2/15/13 8:07 AM, "Prashanth Reddy Mandadi"
<> wrote:

>Should the following query return any results and if it does would it be
>a bug?
>(assuming it's for a shared network and no manual DB modifications are
>select id,public_ip_address from user_ip_address  where state='Allocated'
>and public_ip_address in (SELECT n1.ip4_address FROM nics n1 LEFT JOIN
>nics n2 ON (n1.ip4_address = n2.ip4_address AND < WHERE
> IS NULL and n1.removed is not null);

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