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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: Building SystemVM template appliance
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 13:00:24 GMT
>>> It still builds with the hostname as 'ahha' -- I can't figure out why.
>>We can enforce hostname in one of the postinstall scripts, I found
>>some reference of ahha in config.dat
> Figured it out: the dhcp server in vbox hands out the dns server of the
> host (in my case my corporate dns server). Dhclient reverse looks up
> (the address of the vm) and gets a valid response from the
> corporate dns server. Annoyingly this is used to name the volume group
> during partitioning. The only foolproof way may be to write a custom
> partman recipe in preseed.cfg.

Okay this is the issue :) I'll fix in preseed.cfg so we'll have only
one root partition (and maybe a small swap but not required I think?)
like the present systemvm which too has only one / partition, unless
you want a different scheme.

> You can change the ip of the vm using
> :vm_options in veewee but veewee's http server is hardcoded to so
> nothing else works.
>>> What is left:
>>>  Openswan requires interactive input to install. Previously we had a
>>> pre-baked config.dat that fed into pkg-configure to supply canned
>>> responses. Somehow this needs to be copied into the root directory
>>> (postinstall_files in definition.rb will try to execute it).

We can embed the data in one of the scripts itself or add a new one so
it could copy itself, will fix this.

>>scp to suitable path inside systemvmtemplate on port 7222? (See
>>definitions.rb for ssh port details). Install ssh server in
>>postinstall script if not installed (I think it is), or just attach
>>the payload in yet another postinstall script and let it run.
> Well veewee doesn't let you write custom scripts that execute on the host?
> Anyway, I figured we can use debconf-set-selections to avoid this problem.
> As far as copying the custom scripts goes, perhaps we can wget from
> repo ?

Cool, I saw you already made change.

> I've left a few FIXME in, please take a look.

Except for the signature creator I fixed other ones. How do you
propose we create the signature, use latest git SHA?


> --
> Chiradeep

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