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From Edison Su <>
Subject RE: Storage refactor db and baremetal diversion fixes
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2013 17:37:58 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: [] On Behalf
> Of Rohit Yadav
> Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 5:57 AM
> To: Edison Su;; Frank Zhang
> Subject: Storage refactor db and baremetal diversion fixes
> Hi Edison,
> Can you please take a look at schema-40t410.sql (both master and 4.1
> branch) and schema-410to420.sql  on master.
> This commit 18e496b057e59074476a0c65f4e19fb54c620720 removes:
> -alter table vm_template add image_data_store_id bigint unsigned;
> Should this be in the 410to420 upgrade path, also what should be the value
> for already existing rows, right now it's NULL?
I put image_data_store_id in create-schema.sql, as template.sql will use image_data_store_id.

In 4.1 branch, it will execute 4.1-new-db-schema.sql(which has all the new db schema) right
after, create-schema.sql, but before template.sql.
But on master branch, we move 4.1-new-db-schema.sql to db upgrade, which is executed after
template.sql, then if anybody change vm_template db schema, the process will not work.

> Hi Frank,
> Can you check and move the same files, for baremetal_dhcp_devices and
> baremetal_pxe_devices tables, do we want them in 410to420 or in 40to410?
> Regards.

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