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From Radhika Puthiyetath <>
Subject RE: [ACS41] Schedule reminder!
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 06:37:45 GMT
Hello community,

About the feature list, I am not very clear about the  status as of today:

AWS-Style Regions: UI is not yet ready. (Please correct me if the UI is already up with the
latest build)

Baremetal UCS support: Is this feature a part of 4.1 ?

Health monitoring for load balanced instances: Is this feature a part of 4.1 ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Chip Childers [] 
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 9:57 PM
Subject: [ACS41] Schedule reminder!

Hi all,

Friendly reminder about our schedule.  Thursday is the last day of this phase of QA / bug-fix
work.  We defined it as:

  Docs Completion Target (except release notes and translations) (Docs
  may be included in the release after this date, after consensus on
  each addition that the inclusion does not reduce release quality).
  Release Branch moves to limited updates only (only commits allowed
  in would be release blockers fixes, translation updates, etc...)

I'd like to get as many bugs resolved as possible (as well as ensure that the blockers that
Sudha has shared this morning are addressed as quickly as possible).

After Thursday, we're going to want to move to a very limited amount of change within the
4.1 branch.  Given that, now's the time to knock down the blockers...  but also as many of
the other priority bugs as possible.

If you have 4.1 bugs assigned to you, please take a moment today to try to get them resolved
(or at least triaged).  If you don't have any bugs assigned, then pick some of the unassigned
ones!  We're trying to not work like a corporate dev team, where managers assign the bugs.
 That means that personal initiative to pick up work and resolve issues is going to be key
to getting our bug count down!

Also, if we can get the DEB packaging wrapped up and in the branch by EOD Thursday, that would
go a long way to ensuring that we will be working with a stable source tree for the rest of
the process.  (Wido /
Noa: ping!)

Thanks all!


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