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From Sudha Ponnaganti <>
Subject [ACS41][QA] Blocker Defects - 2/24
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:07:56 GMT

Key        Summary             Assignee              Created
CLOUDSTACK-1244          fail to push sysmvm.iso onto xen host    Abhinandan Prateek     
2/12/2013 5:08
CLOUDSTACK-1252          Failed to download default template in VMware               Alex
Huang         2/12/2013 20:00
CLOUDSTACK-1264          System VM does not have default route.             Jayapal Reddy
  2/13/2013 13:22
CLOUDSTACK-1276          Remove autoscanning for 4.1     Kelven Yang       2/14/2013 9:08
CLOUDSTACK-1289          [F5-SRX-InlineMode] Usage stats are not generated for Juniper SRX
Firewall in inlinemode                Kishan Kavala     2/14/2013 23:23
CLOUDSTACK-1382          "vm deploy fails with Error ""cannot find DeployPlannerSelector for
vm"""           Unassigned                2/25/2013 1:45
CLOUDSTACK-1228          Unable to Create System Vm's in the VMware Hypervisor setup.    
         Venkata Siva Vijayendra Bhamidipati        2/11/2013 4:13
CLOUDSTACK-1357          "Duplicate <jobstatus> inside DeployVM's job response virtualmachine
object Was: (Autoscale: Provisioned VMs from Netscaler not being added to lb vserver, provserver
fails with provserver_err_asynctaskpoll)"                Vijay Venkatachalam      2/21/2013
CLOUDSTACK-1337          Zone to zone template/ISO copy fails and template/ISO download also
fails        deepti dohare                2/19/2013 19:57
CLOUDSTACK-1353          KVM 6.3 snapshot Scheduling snapshot failed due to java.lang.NullPointerException
      Fang Wang                2/20/2013 20:23
CLOUDSTACK-1293          "resetpasswordforVm shows ""passsd reset to undefined"""     Harikrishna
Patnala         2/15/2013 3:43
CLOUDSTACK-1290          listNetoworks API takes too long to respond       Sanjeev N     
     2/15/2013 1:51
CLOUDSTACK-1321          [Site-to-Site VPN] No events are generated in case of status change
in site to site vpn connection                Sheng Yang         2/18/2013 23:28
CLOUDSTACK-1338          Deploy VM failed using ISO         Unassigned        2/19/2013 20:24
CLOUDSTACK-1350          Management server Stop and start causes previously downloaded ISOs
and templates to redownload & reinstall  Unassigned        2/20/2013 17:45
CLOUDSTACK-1352          "KVM 6.3 snapshot - when snapshot of ROOT volume is being created,
snapshot of data volume remains in Creating state"            Unassigned        2/20/2013
CLOUDSTACK-1328          console view unable to connect - CPVM SSVM guest VMs            Unassigned
       2/19/2013 13:02
CLOUDSTACK-1348          API/UI: zoneObj is undefined    Unassigned        2/20/2013 16:33
CLOUDSTACK-1376          Unable to migrate VM due to internal error process exited while connecting
to monitor:                Unassigned        2/22/2013 20:20
CLOUDSTACK-1377          "HA fail - when host is shutdown, VMs and SSVMs are not failover
to second host in cluster."                Unassigned        2/24/2013 20:33
CLOUDSTACK-590            Incorrect Network Gateways Assigned to System VMs  Unassigned  
     12/6/2012 5:14
CLOUDSTACK-1013          running cloudstack overwrites default public/private ssh keys   
Unassigned        1/18/2013 7:48

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