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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Getting CloudStack into the linux distros?
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 23:58:41 GMT
Moving discussion from: "Making life of an admin easier" (refer:

Online pluggable service: (Hugo, Alex and I talked about this during ccc12, we can do it in
future maybe, but at least we should start packaging them separately)

As part of packaging, all plugins be bundled as separate debs/rpms, the core system (cloudstack-server)
can depend on few ought-to have plugins.
The plugins get installed in a specific directory, say /usr/share/java/cloudstack/plugins.
This directory is within class path of the server process.

If an admin trusts a plugin, he installs/place the jar in this directory, changes ACL either
in /etc/cloud/ or depending upon the choice of APIChecker plugin and calls
the an API to tell mgmt server to load the plugin. It would be tricky and some plugins may
require restart.


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> From: Hugo Trippaers []
> Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 7:28 PM
> To:
> Subject: RE: [DISCUSS] Getting CloudStack into the linux distros?
> Heya,
> Back at the collab conference I've been talking to some Fedora people. There is also
some interest there to get CloudStack packages.
> With the "new" way of packaging we have an intermediate step between compiling, building
our code and packaging it. In doing this we could leave packaging to other parties completely.
They could work in two ways, take our source and do everything including the maven compile,
or take a "compiled" tarball and use that as the base for a package.
> Cheers,
> Hugo
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>> From: Musayev, Ilya []
>> Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 8:17 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: RE: [DISCUSS] Getting CloudStack into the linux distros?
>> Noa,
>> We can roll system-vms as part of build process relying on packages OS repo
>> provides.
>> As of now, for sys-vms it means - replace oracle java with openjdk. From
>> what I see - that's the only blocker.
>> Regards
>> ilya
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>> From: Noa Resare []
>> Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 1:59 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Getting CloudStack into the linux distros?
>> Intersting thoughts.
>> I would imaging the main blockers from getting from our current state into a
>> state where we could be included in the free software oriented distributions
>> is the fact that we depend on some binary artifacts for dependencies as well
>> as the systemvms. For the projects I have some insight into (Debian, Fedora
>> and to a small extent Ubuntu) depending on binaries for compilation and
>> dependencies is a no-no. (For good reasons, I might add)
>> I think the way forward is to improve our packaging and keep an eye out for
>> alternative ways of handling the fetching of dependencies.
>> I think that we can improve distribution support a lot without being included
>> in the upstream distributions.
>> /noa
>> On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 3:07 PM, Chip Childers
>> <>wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Since packaging is a theme yet again (and we seem to be headed in a
>>> direction that is useful for a distro packager), I wanted to raise the
>>> idea of trying to work with various Linux distros to get CloudStack
>>> into their official package repos.  I see the 4.1.0 release as being
>>> the ideal release
>>> I know that we have had various packagers represented on this list on
>>> and off, and I suspect that there are quite a few lurkers hanging
>>> around.
>>> My question to the community is: does it make sense for the Apache
>>> CloudStack community to reach out to various linux disto communities
>>> and see if they would be willing to include the software (as well as
>>> offer packaging help if needed)?
>>> My questions to folks that might be on this list representing
>>> different distros: Are you interested?  If so, how can we work with
>>> your community most effectively?  Last, CloudStack is obviously still
>>> a podling (and our release numbers still reflect "-incubating").  Is
>>> our graduation a prerequisite in your opinion?
>>> Thanks!
>>> -chip
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