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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Integrate Cisco UCS with CloudStack
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 19:44:57 GMT
On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 2:06 PM, Frank Zhang <> wrote:
> Hi community:
>         I'd like to propose a proposal for integrating Cisco UCS(unified computing system)
with CloudStack. UCS  unifies computing, networking,
> management, virtualization, and storage access into a single integrated architecture.
This unique architecture enables end-to-end server visibility,
> management, and control in both bare metal and virtual environments, and facilitates
the move to cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service with Fabric-Based
> Infrastructure. You can find detailed information about UCS at
>         The first phase is to integrate UCS with CloudStack baremetal, here is a proposed
workflow to enable this.  Let us define "administrator" as
> the person responsible for the overall cloud service, including the physical infrastructure.
 Similarly the "user" is the end user that seeks to create VMs.
> 1.      Using the CloudStack UI, the administrator adds a "Managed Host Manager" of type
UCS.  The admin provides API endpoint and credentials.
>         This gives CloudStack programmatic access to UCS Manager and an identity with
authorization to implement the following functions.
> 2.      Administrator creates a "UCS Resource Pool" per Service Profile Template that
he wants to use
> 3.      Administrator creates a Baremetal Cluster
> 4.      Administrator chooses the required UCS Resource pool (that matches his Service
Profile requirement for a cluster),
>         selects an available blade, selects a Baremetal template and adds the blade to
the Baremetal cluster
> 5.      Repeat Step 4 above to add more hosts in the cluster
> 6.      Now user is able to start vm on baremetal host using CloudStack baremetal provisioning
>         At first stage, I would like to limit the effort to CloudStack basic zone, however,
we will seek to support advanced zone by leveraging UCS's  vlan programming
> feature. There is a high level PRD for full features of UCS-baremetal integration.
>         and JIRA ticket is here
>         please free feel to share your thoughts, thank you!

Hey Frank,

Question about this implementation...  you had mentioned last summer
[1] that you were thinking about redoing how standard bare metal
provisioning works.  Is it worth getting that sorted out first, and
then enhancing it to support UCS?



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