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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] PaaS Enablement: Composite Application Blueprints (#576)
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 00:22:09 GMT
+1 on this feature.

Some questions:
- Are you expecting to develop a new format for describing the app or reuse cloudformation
and/or vapps?
- This can be quite large, is there any plan to phase in the feature set?

Love to help when it's more defined.


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> From: Alex Heneveld []
> Sent: Friday, January 04, 2013 2:04 PM
> To:
> Subject: [DISCUSS] PaaS Enablement: Composite Application Blueprints (#576)
> Hi All,
> At the CCC, and in jira [1] late last year, we started discussing this
> feature request, but going foward we'd
> like to get broader feedback.  A couple folks have suggested we bring it
> back to the mailing list to get this.
> In brief, we're responding to a desire for high-level composite
> blueprints on top of Cloudstack.  For instance:
>      (a) An app team wants to have a single entity in Cloudstack which
> represents their application,
>          consisting of a load-balancer, a scalable appserver tier, and a
> SQL database
>      (b) A middleware team wants to have a mechanism for describing a
> PaaS which they can
>          deploy, manage (e.g. scale out, back), track costs, and destroy
> as a unit in Cloudstack
> These get mapped on to Cloudstack components (IaaS and services), but
> what distinguishes them from Projects
> is that they are reusable portable definitions.  This is similar to what
> VMware have in vApp and AWS in CloudFormation;
> but there is (so far) a preference to base these around CloudStack
> concepts and have them accessible in the GUI.
> Cloudsoft (me and others here) want to work on this, together with
> like-minded folks.
> Here are some feature ideas for starters:
> * IaaS mapping
> - ability to refer to specific templates and offerings (eg id="1234")
> - ability to refer to portable descriptions of templates and offerings
> (eg os("ubuntu"), userdata("myappsrv"), minram("2gb"))
> - ability to define subnets, DNS, public IP and firewall rules
> * Wiring
> - ability to write files to VM's with permissions, mode, etc
> - ability to embed references to other blueprint entities (ie other VM
> IP's/hostnames) in such files
> - ability to execute commands on VM's, with order constraints
> - ability to use puppet/chef/bash/juju/cartridges/brooklyn (e.g. via the
> above capabilities)
> * Management
> - ability to access blueprints and deployments via REST and via GUI
> - ability to define clusters and groups of entities (which could be scaled)
> - ability to deploy policies (eg elasticity, HA/DR logic) to various
> management systems
> What would you like to see?  Would you be able to help?
> Many thanks,
> Alex
> [1]

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