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From Hugo Trippaers <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Nicira and VMware (CLOUDSTACK-728)
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 20:58:39 GMT
Hey Chip,

I'm planning on supporting the "new" version with Nicira NVP support directly built in. I
can have a look at the other solution as well. It should not be too much trouble to integrate
it. The main issue with supporting new hypervisors is to patch the hypervisor resource to
set the correct parameters on the Vif when starting a vm. The actual plugin doing the NVP
integration doesn't need any modifications to support more hypervisors.

The current hacky approach with the vm image still delivers a decent performance, but nowhere
near the performance you would get on a Xen host (or KVM). If there is any interest in getting
the support for it done, I'm game :-)

Other stuff that is on my wish list is support for security groups using the existing NVP
filter engine. 



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Op 23 jan. 2013 om 21:05 heeft "Chip Childers" <> het volgende

> Hugo,
> I was just talking with the folks at Nicira, and had the current
> VMware integration approach explained to me.  AFAIK, you end up
> needing to have a VM running OVS on the host, with two VMware virtual
> switches (one for your overlay transport, and one for your guest VMs
> to attach to).  Was this the model you were considering working to
> orchestrate?  Or were you considering waiting to see how the Nicira
> technology will be better integrated into ESXi?
> One one hand, the current approach is absolutely a hack (and prone to
> performance issues).  On the other hand, waiting for a better
> ESX/Nicira integration may take a good amount of time, and probably
> won't be backward compatible with older ESXi versions.
> Thoughts?
> -chip

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