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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: CloudStack servlet issue
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 21:05:27 GMT
Hi Frank,

On 14-Jan-2013, at 11:22 AM, Frank Zhang <> wrote:

> From the url mapping it seems to be used for mycloud which is obsolete I think 

Should we remove it and get rid of the servlet class then?

> _pluginsMap is non-static but s_locators is. ComponentLocator. getLocator which essentially
> ComponentLocator .getLocatorInternal will synchronize on s_locators, that means ComponentLocators
> having the same name should not be initialized twice. So  pluggable services  twice initialized
 should be 
> caused by some other issue.

Looking at the code, we are getting a component by ConfigurationServer.Name and then by ManagementServer.Name,
and from debugging earlier I'd found the issues with this code;

	    ConfigurationServer c = (ConfigurationServer)ComponentLocator.getComponent(ConfigurationServer.Name);
	    //ConfigurationServer c = new ConfigurationServerImpl();
	    try {
	    	s_locator = ComponentLocator.getLocator(ManagementServer.Name);
		    ManagementServer ms = (ManagementServer)ComponentLocator.getComponent(ManagementServer.Name);

> I don't know where does our Spring IOC get initialized, but if ComponentLocator is loaded
by spring with a name other than ManagementServer.Name,
> then there would be two copies of  ComponentLocator which load all plugins twice  

For javelin ComponentLocator is no more and starting that we will use spring DI and for getting
components without @Inject I've seen usage of a new  ComponentContext.

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