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From Harikrishna Patnala <>
Subject RE: Regarding Base Image Updation facility(CLOUDSTACK-667).
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 18:09:16 GMT
Hi Kiran, my comments inline.

From: Kiran Koneti
Sent: 24 January 2013 14:44
To: Harikrishna Patnala
Subject: Regarding Base Image Updation facility(CLOUDSTACK-667).

Hi Hari,

I have gone through the FS of "Base Image Updation facility" located in the below mentioned

My Understandings from the FS are as below:

1)The CLOUDSTACK-745 is also dealt as a part of this requirement.

2) The purpose is that we need to be able to update existing VM with new base image.(eg:if
 I have a VM with Centos 6.2 initially I can get the Vm back with same ip and memory allocations
but still have the base Image as RHEL6.2)

3) we should have a method to reset a vm on reboot, i.e, discard the root disk and create
a new one whenever the vm is rebooted.

Below are my questions about the same:

1)Will we Support the VM reset and also the base image updation through the api and UI or
only api.

Hari: Base image updating is through API call (no UI). For VM reset on reboot, we will have
UI while creating a service offering a checkbox will be there to decide whether on reboot
VM's root disk should be discarded or not.

2)How are we going to specify the VM to reload with a specified Template.(will we modify the
restoreVM api by adding the template ID to it so that the Vm can boot from the new template?)

Hari: Yes, we will modify the restoreVM api by adding an optional parameter(template ID).

3)Extension to the above if we use the template ID will it be normal ID or UUID?

Hari: we use UUID. This uuid is converted to internal ID in API dispatcher.

4)Adding to the question 3 if it is UUID how are we going to implement this for the Upgraded
setup from 2.2.14 to campo which doesn't have the UUID for the previously existing templates
or VM's?

Hari: It works both for UUID and ID. Not only for this, it works for all APIs. A new column
of uuid is inserted for existing templates with the same existing ID values.

5)What is the parameter we are going to implement for the service offering to decide wheatear
the VM's root disk should be discarded or not when it is rebooted.

Hari: It's a Boolean parameter (Say 'is Volatile'). True if we need VM's root disk to be discarded
on reboot.


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