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From Robert Schweikert <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Getting CloudStack into the linux distros?
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 14:48:58 GMT

On 01/10/2013 09:07 AM, Chip Childers wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since packaging is a theme yet again (and we seem to be headed in a
> direction that is useful for a distro packager), I wanted to raise the
> idea of trying to work with various Linux distros to get CloudStack
> into their official package repos.  I see the 4.1.0 release as being
> the ideal release
> I know that we have had various packagers represented on this list on
> and off, and I suspect that there are quite a few lurkers hanging
> around.
> My question to the community is: does it make sense for the Apache
> CloudStack community to reach out to various linux disto communities
> and see if they would be willing to include the software (as well as
> offer packaging help if needed)?
> My questions to folks that might be on this list representing
> different distros: Are you interested?

Yes, I am still interested, it's a time issue :( I am also more than 
willing to help people with getting packages built in OBS. The Open 
Build Service and its public instance known as the openSUSE Build 
Service can build packages for pretty much any distribution we might be 
interested in.

I already have a project set up in OBS and CloudStack 3.x is building 
there, but I have not had a chance to come back to this and build 4.0 
and the current development tree as packages.

A few things that have been "blockers" for me to get back to it is the 
churn in the build system. Having lost track of that conversation I have 
to ask whether everything is settled now?

Secondly when I was working on this I ran into rate hole of OCaml 
dependencies. If I recall correctly this was related to some Xen-Server 
Java component that depended on OCaml for some reason.

> If so, how can we work with
> your community most effectively?

Well at least for openSUSE it will be more of an individual effort, at 
least to get things started. Thus, what I need is clear dependency 
documentation for the various build options such as the above named 
OCaml stuff for Xen. It is for the most part a documentation issue. Not 
that I am interested in reading an endless number of pages of 
documentation, but that is much better than fishing around in build code 
to try and figure out what is needed to build the various features. Also 
needed is a picture of how things fit together and where individual 
files are used. It is most likely that CloudStack will have 4 or 5 
packages, what should be in the packages?

For example, what code (files) need to be on the head node? What code 
(files) are used for the Web-Interface?

Questions like that need to be answered. Maybe, they are answered by a 
reference spec file that is already in the source, I haven't looked in a 

Last but not least there needs to be a "quick start guide" (I think that 
this exists) that allows people that package but do not want to be cloud 
administrators to set up a basic test cloud in a reasonable time to test 
the packages.

> Last, CloudStack is obviously still
> a podling (and our release numbers still reflect "-incubating").  Is
> our graduation a prerequisite in your opinion?

No, it is not.


Robert Schweikert                           MAY THE SOURCE BE WITH YOU
SUSE-IBM Software Integration Center                   LINUX
Tech Lead

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