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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject [Discuss] EIP across zones enhancement
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:36:05 GMT

I am splitting up my original proposal [1] so as to discuss each feature
independently. Please refer to the bug description [2] for the EIP
enhancements I am planning to do. As mentioned earlier first I am planning
to do a POC, but couple of issues that I want to bring it up for

-IMU, EIP (elastic IP's) that can be transferred from one zone to another
zone need to be special public IP's for which provider network edge
routers are configured to take /32 router advertisements. I think there is
need to introduce notion of 'elastic IP' pool into CloudStack apart from
the public IP's that can be configured in a zone. Users can acquire and
release elastic IP similar to the way they acquire public IP's today.

-When cloud admin provisions pool of elastic IP's, should it be treated as
region level resource unlike the public IP's that are provisioned per
zone? When user acquires elastic IP and associates with a instance in a
zone, only then zone should advertise the VIP to upstream router. So IMO,
elastic IP should be region level resource but its association can change
from zone to another zone.

-On a zone failure, if EIP's were moved to another zone by users, we need
to prevent route advertisements from the failed zone when it comes live.
My thinking is on reconnect, CloudStack should synchronise the state of
EIP provider in the zone to reflect the configuration in the DB.

Please share your thoughts.



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