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From James Martin <>
Subject proper way to fetch system vms
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 18:30:16 GMT
The context of this document is building the devcloud vm that exists
in tools/devcloud

So I've noticed there are at least 2 documented ways to get the
console proxy and ssvm.


As document in the original devcloud creation build scripts ( and done
in the current puppet scripts)

-P /opt/storage/secondary/template/tmpl/1/1/
-P /opt/storage/secondary/template/tmpl/1/1/
-P /opt/storage/secondary/template/tmpl/1/5/
-P /opt/storage/secondary/template/tmpl/1/5/

2) As documented in: :

"Preseed the SystemVM templates in /opt/storage/secondary, follow
directions from here. Configure NFS server and local storage."

here points to this link:

Which says to use:

 For XenServer:

-m /mnt/secondary -u
-h xenserver -s <optional-management-server-secret-key> -F

I've also seen it mentioned that these VMs can be built with maven as
well, and it seems to me that should be the best process.  If you are
building devcloud from source, shouldn't you also be building the
console proxy and secondary storage vms?

Can we get some consensus on the best way to retrieve these VMs?  Or
when is the best time to build them versus downloading pre-built ones?



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