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From Jamshid Afshar <>
Subject DevCloud2, not seeing "tiny Linux" template
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2012 21:40:01 GMT
I followed these steps on my macbook. I see
the cloudstack ui at

I try to create a new Instance, but I do not have any templates to
choose from. I see the "tiny Linux" vhd and files
in /opt/storage/secondary/template/tmpl/1/5/, but it doesn't show in
ui. I only see the SystemVM template in the Templates tab.

I built cloudstack (current master) and run it within the vm itself.
Exactly what global settings have to be changed if running all-in-one,
instead of running the server on my host os as recommended? "host"
defaults to which is one of the ip's in the vm.

I did restart the management server after "mvn -P developer -pl
tools/devcloud -Ddeploysvr". I did destroy the two system vms
(Secondary Storage and Console Proxy) which started up. They were
recreated but that didn't make a difference.

I see this "Host Alert" in the console but I'm not sure where to go to
get more information. I verified the settings from Troubleshooting.

   Alert state detected

Any help is appreciated.

PS: any chance of getting comments back in the wiki? That was a very
useful feature in the old wiki.


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