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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] CloudStack Marketplace Update
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 21:29:04 GMT
On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 3:13 PM, Pranav Saxena <> wrote:
> Chip ,
> Perhaps you missed the earlier conversation happened in the mailing thread earlier .
Attaching the thread here.

Thanks...  I didn't miss it, because this is the same thread.  But I
do appreciate you re-sharing the content in case I did miss it. ;-)

> [Chip] Is this actually under development right now?  If so, where is the code?  Who's
working on it?  How can others in the community participate?  Where is the technical design
discussion happening?  Do we have Jira records for tracking the dev work?  Where is the discussion
about QA'ing the software happening?
> [Pranav] - Yes , the basic implementation has just started and myself and Brian Federle
are working on the backend design . The idea is to have the very basic model  up and working
and then push the working model to the  asf branch so that if anyone's willing to contribute
can do so without any problems. When I say "basic model" , I am referring to the front end
development for the marketplace within the CloudStack UI and the backend hierarchy for the
directory structure .  We had a discussion with Jie and we'll be updating  Jie's proposal
with the technical design as soon as possible and sharing it with the community. The basic
structure of the backend design is already there in the proposal Jie has shared.

I would suggest that committers in particular use feature branches
within the asf repo.  I assume that the term "asf branch" you use
above is because you guys have your local git repo configured with
multiple remotes.  That's perfectly fine, but shouldn't you be
coordinating code collaboration through the project repo?

> [Chip] - There is mention of static configuration files being used to store the product
listings, and storing them as part of the CloudStack source code repository.  This doesn't
make any sense to me on a number of fronts.  Why would a product catalog be embedded in the
source code of the store front?  Wouldn't a better design be to allow *whomever* is hosting
this software to use runtime config changes to create and manage their product listings?
> [Pranav] - The static configuration files which you are referring to are not actually
static . The listing of the name of the application a vendor is willing to host in that file
might make you feel that it's static in nature  but it's dynamic in  a sense that the config
file is being  used for listing will be remotely accessed by the script tags (require.js)
 .The script tags would dynamically pick up the appID during the runtime and load the content
which a vendor has provided ( in his application specific config file) in order to display
it on the detail view for his application on the Cloudstack marketplace .

I think this needs to be spelled out, or the example code pushed to
the repo.  As I said in my reply to Jie, I think we will end up with
the design causing project process issues.  I may be wrong though...
please do help us all understand it better!

> Hope I managed to answer few of your queries here . Regarding the QAing , I am not sure
how is that supposed to work. For any further clarifications , we can have a detailed discussion
on the backend design. If you suggest , we could also push the basic working model right now
(say in a private asf branch ) for the community to review it and propose changes , if any.

Not sure what you mean by a "private asf branch", but I think you
might mean a "feature branch" in the project's git repo.  Correct?
Can you create a feature branch and push each of your changes as each
of you make significant ones?  We had previously agreed as a community
that larger development, particularly done by committers, would be
done in feature branches that are public.  Does this work for you

> @Brian - Do you have anything to add here ?
> Regards,
> Pranav

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