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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: Changes to the wiki
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 14:13:38 GMT
> Would prefer not to land on the cwiki 'Index' page.

Yeah...that index is dynamically generated.  I tried to find ways to make it more static and
eventually consistent but couldn't find anything on it.  I figured it is useful though.  Maybe
we should change the title to "Index (Prepare to wait 30 seconds)".  
> E.g. Wikipedia tells people the project page is , which
> redirects to   From here, you clikc
> 'Apache CloudStack Wiki and get to
> , which is
> the index.

Joe or Dave?  This is related to me changing the original landing page name to "Home".  I
don't have the authority to change what's under

> Would prefer faster page.  It takes 30s (I timed it) for the link about to load.  I
> think this is specific to the 'index' page, but I could be wrong.
> Finally, and apologies if this is covered under a thread earlier this week,
> where do all things related to a feature go?  E.g. I'd like to note the setup
> instructions for Hyper-V dev environment.  This isn't quite design, but it is a
> developer thing.  Should I put a child under the design, or should there be a
> feature specific page?

This is a great question.  Design is for design spec of your component so it should not go
there.  Under the developer page, there needs to be more subtopic pages setup.  I think whatever
you think makes sense as a page to group these types of information, go ahead and add it.
 For example, I think "Setting Up Test Environments" page is a good subtopic and then your
hyperv page can go underneath that sounds like a good.

I can also see we do this from a components point of view.  For example,  a components page,
then a hyperv page, and then how to setup hyperv.  Since you're the first to raise it, you
get to decide how it should work.  :)


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