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From Alex Huang <>
Subject [DISCUSS] What can we do to help CloudStack community be more involved
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 18:43:19 GMT
Hi All,

I've talked to various developers on the challenges they face in participating in the community
and these are issues that I've gathered.  I hope this adds to the recent discussions about
project bylaws and  concerns about community health and collaboration procedure.  

> The biggest issue I believe is CloudStack is too big a project.  When you look
> at CloudStack, it can really be broken down to five or six different parts that
> can be projects within its own right.  I don't want this discussion to turn into
> what those projects are as that should happen on the -dev list, but, just to
> give a reference, cloudstack can be broken into orchestration, VR,
> automation, template management, acl, UI, and console proxy.  Each of
> these parts can require special set of knowledge.  And to some it can be
> broken into even finer parts.
> This leads to the following problems that I often hear when I talk to other
> developers.
> - The mailing list is too verbose and is often not about the subject they can
> respond to.  The problem is they get into a habit of not looking at the mailing
> list because it's often not about what they can respond to but then misses
> things that they can respond to.
> - The same problem with the review boards.  Most of them don't feel they
> understand CloudStack sufficiently to be trolling the review board.
> - Many of them feel insecure about posting designs because the project is
> overwhelming.  Many of them want to get their designs just right before
> posting to the list.
> The second issue is we have not developed a good set of processes for
> people to follow.  What does it mean to post a design?  What does it mean to
> fix a bug?  How does one participate in a release? Etc.  Every bit of ambiguity
> leads to insecurity which leads to inactivity.
> The third issue is lack of confidence in the code they write.  For example,
> today anything someone writes must be tested with the entire cloudstack
> system which means they must know quite a bit of the system to get started.
> They can't just say I wrote a plugin and which test driver I should test it with
> to know it will work inside CloudStack.  This is different from unit tests.
> These are tests that CloudStack community provides to test contracts
> between projects but because there's no separate projects today, there's no
> such tests being developed.
> Please comment.
> --Alex

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