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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: Marketing and a "who uses it" list
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 19:27:36 GMT
That would be great, perhaps a link (sidebar) or page on the website
as well?

On 04-Dec-2012, at 11:08 AM, "Kelcey Damage (BBITS)" <> wrote:

> I think it sounds great +1
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> From: Chiradeep Vittal [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2012 10:48 AM
> To: CloudStack DeveloperList
> Subject: Re: Marketing and a "who uses it" list
> +1 from me. 
> Crosspost to 'users' list perhaps?
> On 12/3/12 11:41 PM, "Robyn Bergeron" <> wrote:
>> Greetings.
>> A quick bit of background, esp. as I'm effectively a "long time reader, 
>> first time poster" - I attended the collaboration conference over the 
>> past weekend, became involved in a discussion about ways to market an 
>> open source project, and subsequently volunteered myself to 
>> suggest/create a page that folks could contribute to that is 
>> essentially a "list of organizations using Apache Cloudstack."  I am 
>> assuming the dev list is the optimal place for this discussion.
>> In my mind, there are a few benefits to providing this information:
>> * Potential users coming to the project page can see concrete examples 
>> of real-world usage, which inspires confidence
>> * Potential developers coming to the project page can see that their 
>> contributions would be well-used and loved. :)
>> * Press folks seeking information about project usage can see a list of 
>> deployments, confirming their suspicions of awesomeness.
>> It then occurred to me that it would be useful more generally to have a 
>> basic Marketing wiki page. So I was bold and made a quick one, and you 
>> can see it, and go crazy and edit it as well:
>> So with the background out of the way - a few requests:
>> * Feedback welcome - there is also a detail of "need to figure out a 
>> way to get things from the wiki to the webpage" WRT the user-list 
>> occasionally, if folks think this is generally a reasonable idea. 
>> (Also: I have no clue if this type of thing is kosher by ASF standards, 
>> so, uh, if it's not, delete
>> away!) I'm not entirely certain that I can be that person, but it does 
>> seem like a low-volume item that could be done once a release if 
>> someone wanted to volunteer for that conversion/extension of list.
>> * ADD INFORMATION! Preferably something you can specifically vouch for 
>> and feel like you have permission to do.
>>   ** Section for "Who uses Apache Cloudstack"
>>   ** Section for "How Apache Cloudstack is being used" (Presentations 
>> and such. I figure there may be a few of these after the past weekend!)
>> * Since it's a marketing wiki page (after looking to make sure there 
>> wasn't one already existing - but there still may lurk duplicate info) 
>> - I figured some other elements might be useful:
>>   ** Release Announcements. I have no idea what the process is, who 
>> owns it, when it is due.  This is useful stuff to have, esp. if the 
>> current owner ever wants to share duties.  If someone is willing to 
>> fill this in, that would be awesome.
>>   ** What to do if someone's organization is listed and someone gets 
>> unhappy about that listing.  Thoughts?
>>   ** Press people.  I figure it's useful to point them somewhere, but 
>> not sure if there is an additional email address; I just pointed at the 
>> news link.
>> Like I said - general feedback on if this is a good idea is welcome - 
>> I'm just being bold-wiki-person, but being woefully unfamiliar with ASF 
>> processes I want to make sure I'm not stepping on toes or anything. :)  
>> Assuming I haven't totally done said toe-stepping, I figure a useful 
>> next step would be to mail the users list and see if anyone on that 
>> list is willing to add their name to such a list. (Side bonus: Some of 
>> them may be adding stuff to the wiki for a first-time 
>> mini-contribution!)
>> Cheers, and congrats on a well-done conference -
>> -robyn

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