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From Vijay Venkatachalam <>
Subject RE: [ACS41] Feature Status Questions
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 19:02:19 GMT
Jira for AutoScaling:

Vijay V.

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> From: Chip Childers []
> Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2012 10:42 AM
> To:
> Subject: [ACS41] Feature Status Questions
> Hi all,
> I've been reviewing / editing the 4.1.0-incubating release page [1], and have
> a couple of questions for the community:
> Auto-Scaling: Is there a Jira Ticket associated with the auto-scaling feature
> that we can reference for completeness?  If not, can someone please create
> it and mark it as resolved?
> Brocade LB Support: I see a mention of Brocade LB support, but I can't find
> any design or jira item on this.  I do see that it was pushed out from being
> included in 4.0.  I also see that this is coming in via a review request.  Can we
> get the design and jira records added appropriately?
> Advanced Search: There is a UI feature called "Advanced Search", which has
> a design document [2] listed.  I'm not able to find a Jira record for it.  I see
> that Brian Federle had checked this into master (noted in [3]).  Brian, can you
> please create a Jira record for it?
> I'll continue to cross reference the list conversations with Jira and the wiki
> over the next couple of days.  For a feature to be considered for inclusion in a
> release, we agreed that we need to have (1) discussed and agreed to the
> feature and design on list, (2) have a design document on the wiki, (3) have a
> jira record to track the work.
> Once we get a better handle on that first level of detail, I'll start looking at the
> completeness of features against the goal of being feature and doc-first-
> draft complete by the feature freeze date (Jan 31).
> -chip
> [1]
> Release
> [2]
> +Advanced+Search
> [3]

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