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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject API Updates: Tracking progress, changes
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2012 02:20:04 GMT
This thread is for tracking progress, changes on api_refactoring.

Current changes:
1. Introduction of a new InternalIdentity interface that provides a contract for any extending
Interface or implementing class that it would have a getId() method that returns the internal
id (long).
2. Merge master on api_refactoring to get the latest changes, all merge conflicts (about 3k
lines) resolved.
3. Host/hypervisor simulator runs with the mgmt server when the profile simulator (mvn xxx
-P simulator) is selected.
4. Correctly annotate @Parameter on *all apis* and remove @IdentityMapper, except for few
in plugin whose VO classes did not implement an interface. For. ex:  ExternalLoadBalancerDeviceVO,
5. Get rid of IdentityMapper annotation processing code in ApiDispatcher.

1. Prasanna to completely resurrect the simulator.
2. Fix ACL Role and checkaccess adapters, move out config. to the plugin and implement an
interface for ACL adapter to get mappings of apiname etc.
3. Rename @Implementation to @Command and introduce name field so we tightly couple over the
wire api name to the Cmd class (no mappings in properties files necessary).

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