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From Satoshi Kobayashi <>
Subject Re: [javelin] Updates on javelin...
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2012 03:46:14 GMT
2012/11/20 Alex Huang <>:
> Just like to update everyone on the work on javelin.
> We've basically started the work of breaking out components.  Currently we have
> Framework - Framework pieces that underlies all services.
>   - ipc: for ipc mechanism
>   - jobs: for jobs management
> Engine - Cloud-Engine Service
>   - api: service api
>   - components-api: api for the plugins
>   - compute: compute orchestrations
>   - network: network orchestration
>   - planning: deployment planning orchestrations
>   - schema: VO objects used by all of the components to present a schema.
>   - service: rest service component
>   - storage: storage orchestration
>   - orchestration: overall vm orchestartion
> Services - Various services
>   - Nothing is done here yet.  But it's planned to move the api, management, ssvm, consoleproxy,
and virtual router in here.
> Plugins - plugins.  This directory is unchanged but expect to see more storage plugins
being introduced here.
> The most work being done here are two parts:
>  - Storage orchestration and provisioning separation
>  - Data center abstraction layer and services.
> We've also been looking at jax-rs 399 and apache cxf to implement the rest service part
of the cloud-engine.  Let us know if you have any concerns regarding this approach.

It is planning to use jax-rs to implement internal API? Or is it
certain CloudStack API now?

If It is the latter:
I think that it may not necessarily be suitable for implementing Query
API. I think that it just matches if there is a plan to refactor into
RESTful more which throw away backward compatibility. (ex. Resource
structure is made to a layer).

But I have not an alternative idea. This may only be my overanxiety. I
think that I am good, if CloudStack API is refactored.

BTW, what is Javelin branch? It seems a branch for refactoring.

> --Alex

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